What Our Clients Say

…it does an impressive job of keeping beer at the optimal consumption temperature.
In a lab test, two 38-degree kegs were subjected to an 80-degree environment for over five hours. The insulated keg only warmed six degrees over that period (44 degrees F is still plenty frosty) while the unprotected keg heated nearly 20 degrees in total to a flattening 57 F.

– Gizmodo - http://gizmodo.com/kegskins/

In June Kollar (Banquet Manager- Venetian Hotel/Palazzo Hotel- Las Vegas) purchased KegSkins for a private pool party for 8,000 guests. Even though temperatures topped 95 degrees, the neoprene wraps kept 80 kegs of beer cold for five hours.

– Entrepenuer Magazine - http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/224759

They worked awesome! Last year we used 55 gal trash cans with ice and the set up took forever. This year was much easier and the beer stayed cold the whole day.

Great product! Thanks again!

– JD Kollar | Manager | Banquet Beverage | The Venetian Hotel | The Palazzo Hotel- Las Vegas

Our distributorship sells Old Style Beer to the world famous Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. We store kegs at the portable beer stands and This year we put the KegSkins into use and are very pleased.The KegSkins are convenient, light weight and easy to use. Just wrap the keg, zip it up and you’ve got cold beer for 4-5 hours.Great idea. Why didn’t I think of it.

– Nick Tero | Skokie Valley Beverage Co.

KegSkins have provided our club with a simple and effective solution for maintaining cold beers at festivals and events. KegSkins successfully eliminated the wastage issues we had previously encountered as a result of kegs becoming warm. This has provided our club with a substantial cost saving that in turn allowed us to realize a return on our investment the first time they were used. We were also impressed with the quality of their manufacturing and are confident that they will continue to serve our business into the future.

– Tom Dixon | Canberra Brewers Incorporated- Australia