Lady calls out her abusive husband, Alloy Stephen, for assaulting her and sending her packing with their 2-year-old son

Lady calls out her ab¥sive husband for a§§aulting her and sending her packing with their 2-year-old son 

A lady identified as Olamide has accused her husband, Alloy Stephen, of domestic v#olence in Ikorodu, Lagos.

According to her, they’ve both been married for three years and have a 2-year-old son, Iremide. She says that the marriage has been filled with turmoil including a§§aults from her husband.

“Please I need the public to help me. My husband sent me and our son packing because I confronted him for always be@ting me. He doesn’t live up to his responsibilities at all and has turned me to his p¥nch bag. I’ve endured so much all in the name of being a virtuous woman to make this marriage work.

The most recent be@ting i received was two weeks ago and after which, he threw me out of the house in the wee hours of the night. He said he’ll never take care of his son. I’m confused and don’t know what else to do.,” Olamide said.


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